We're sorry. Our server has been crashed and we can't rescue our data and backup. We also worked with the provider but they not have any backup. But we still support all you by look at our FAQ below:


1. I've upgraded to Premium User, how I can download all your premium resources ?

- Please send to our email: [email protected] your transaction ID and username you registed on HS. We will review and discuss with you about it. P/s: Not apply for expired premium user.

2. I've purchased your premium resource, can I receive their update in future ?

- Yes, you can. Please send to our email: [email protected] your transaction ID, username you registed on HS and list premium resources you purchased. We will review and send to your email.

3. Do you have any plans to build new site as HollyScript.NL ?

- Yes, but not now. We're researching and think about can we still use this domain for new site or change new. If you wanna join our team, contact us via email: [email protected] We glad to meet you !